From the Parish Priest

Fear has gripped humanity due to the pandemic. Fear of isolation, job loss and other anxieties dominate  many.  Yet,  there  seem  to  be others  who  are  apathetic  towards the

contagion. Whatever the mindset be, the whole world is waiting for a vaccine that would bring back our normal life.

In this situation it is important that we lean more earnestly to our spiritual life. Let us not be discouraged because we cannot be physically present in the church. Modern media that the Church is now using helps not only in proclaiming the message of Christ but also to keep us together in union with God. The many spiritual programs that are being aired online keep the faithful in touch with the universal and the local church besides connecting the community. This has also in many ways turned our families into a domestic church that is reminiscent of the early Christian community. I am sure people have benefited by these online services and are praying as families. However we should keep in mind that we ought to go back sooner or later to the living church of God as a parish community. We are all looking  forward for that day  to enter our Churches.  But again, we need to be aware of the situation and follow all recommended measures for our safety.

I hope that we can open the church for worship very soon. I too wait to welcome you back into our Church. Let us pray along with our Blessed Mary as we celebrate the Feast of Assumption - and also the 74th Independence of our great nation - that God’s power may reign in redeeming the world from this pandemic. Make sure you test positive for faith, keep distance from doubt and isolate from fear!

Together with the Parish Clergy I express my gratitude to all the volunteers (PPC members, SCC leaders, Pious Associations and Youth groups) for their immense help in the distribution of Holy Communion to the faithful on the 21st of June. I also convey my condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones during this lockdown and to whom we were unable to administer either the ‘Sacrament of Anointing’ or the final funeral rites. Let us pray for their eternal happiness.

May the Lord through the intercession of our Mother of Perpetual Help (Sagaya Matha) continue to protect us and our families.


Fr. Anthony Swamy, C.Ss.R Parish Priest