From the Parish Priest

October is proclaimed by our Pope Francis as extraordinary missionary month in the universal church. It is to commemorate the centenary year of the encyclical of Benedict XV “Maximum Illud” 1919. It emphases the missionary mandate given by Jesus as Baptized and sent – the church of Christ on mission in the world. This evokes from all of us the need for missionary enthusiasm. We need to strengthen our witnessing life in our present day context through our encounter with the risen Christ by meditating the word of God, participating in the sacraments, personal prayer, holiness of life, proclaiming the love of Jesus daily and visits to make Christ known to the unknown.

During this missionary month we also have great catholic missionary saints like St. Therese of the Child Jesus, St. Teresa of Avila and St. Gerard Majella. They are proclaimed by the church as Missionary saints because they lived their baptized life in a simplest way to the best of their Christian calling of God.

They challenge us to live our ordinary life in an extraordinary way today. It is visible in our parish through SCC groups where we find the faithful coming together to pray, discuss issues related to family, society, recognize the need and responding, visiting the sick, sharing the resources with the poor are the signs of missionary activities visible to us. There are other missionary activities that is going on in our parish are through pious association and prayer groups which strengthen our bond with Jesus and expressed in our actions. There are also challenges that we face when Christ is not proclaimed or sidelined by the matured Christians, youth, children who refuse to heed to Christ’s call to baptized life.

I feel that it is not enough. The world of today is great challenge and we need the grace of God. Christ is expecting more from all of us in the way of active participation in the liturgy, religious activities and live more as a missionary family to stand with Christ. Let this month be a time of grace and realization of our baptismal call to rededicate our whole family and parish for the service of God.
May all the Patrons of Missions pray for us.

Fr. Anthony Swamy, C.Ss.R
Parish Priest