Lenten Retreat at Holy Ghost Parish

Friday, April 5, 2019

What are the nuances of being religious and of being spiritual?  Can one be pious and yet live a 3rd rate Christian life?  Is it possible to be a believer and yet not know or fathom God’s love fully?  How is repentance different from regret? Why is that despite having sight many among us fail to really see? 

  These and many other pertinent questions related to faith, spirituality and a good life were answered with great conviction by Fr. Joseph who preached the      Lenten Retreat from March 25th to 27th in the parish hall. He built his retreat message around the three grave mistakes made by our first Father, Adam and    then by contrasting them to the three great acts – and thereby to the three great mistakes not committed - by our Lord Jesus Christ, he eloquently brought        out the significance of the three fundamental truths of our Christian faith. These three truths being, we ought to believe in God’s words rather than the devil’s    lie; it is best to please God than to please man; and it is to our good that we put our interest in the Creator rather than in the created goods.They were as          simple – and as profound – as this, which Fr. Joseph brought out with such power that the packed audience sat with rapt attention through the entire talk on    all days. At the end of the talk there was a sense of having been awakened to the mighty - and basic - facts of a good life.

  Fr. Joseph’s lectures were rich in content and filled with Bible references. Drawing from his religious background as a Redemptorist priest of many years and    from his many life experiences and most of all from the revelations and deeper understanding of spirituality that he has gained since he was struck with            blindness in his adult life, he preached with such compelling diction that the participants were truly enlightened and felt a deep sense of renewal at the              retreat.

  The retreat was complete with Eucharistic celebration, praying the rosary and adoration and Holy Hour on all the days of the retreat. The three days were    indeed days of grace during the Lenten Season and those who attended the retreat went with their souls touched with the divine truth, their minds stretched to deeper understanding and their hearts filled with joy.

Thanks to Fr Paul for organising the retreat and to Fr Joseph for having taken the trouble to make it for the retreat all the way from Trivandrum where he lives.


Dorothy Victor