Feast of Saint Thomas, Apostle - Monday, July 3rd, 2017

  • Posted on: 3 July 2017
  • By: holyghostchurch

Feastday: July 3
Patron of architects

Who was Thomas the Apostle?:
Thomas was one of Jesus’ twelve apostles and is included in each of the four apostolic lists. Thomas doesn’t do much in the synoptic gospels but becomes important towards the end of John. Thomas is also called Didymus (the twin) each of the three times he appears in the Gospel According to John.
Where did Thomas live?:
Thomas probably lived in Galilee, the origin of most of the other apostles and probably most of Jesus’ disciples, since that is where his ministry was based.
What did Thomas do?:
Thomas the Apostle is most famous for how he is depicted in the Gospel According to John. He first appears as a symbol of strength, encouraging the others to follow Jesus to Judea where death awaits. Later he expresses doubts about following Jesus. Finally, after Jesus’ resurrection, he is the “doubting Thomas” who refused to believe that Jesus really returned until he saw the scars and placed his fingers in Jesus’ side.
Why was Thomas important?:
Thomas' importance first stems from his role as the “doubter” who required proof that Jesus had indeed risen from the dead. He is also famous because of the Gnostic apocryphal gospel named after him, the Gospel of Thomas.

Prayer to Saint Thomas the Apostle
Dear Saint Thomas,
You were once slow in believing that Christ had gloriously risen; but later, because you had seen him, you exclaimed: "My Lord and my God!"
According to an ancient story, you rendered most powerful assistance for constructing a church in a place where pagan priests opposed it.
Please bless architects, builds and carpenters that through them the Lord may be honored. Amen.

Blessed Feast of Saint Thomas, Apostle.