AT THE RESIDENCE OF Debbie & Edward Rodricks

21 members were present at the meeting including Fr. Eric Rodrigues. Debbie welcomed the gathering and we started the meeting with a hymn “We are one in the spirit” to invite God’s presence in our midst. 

The Sunday’s scripture reading Luke – 10: 1: 12 on “Jesus Sends Out the Seventy Two” was read by Debbie and read again from another version of the Bible by Sr. Christella. 

We meditated on the readingand each one of us expressed our reflections on the various aspects of the message in the day’s Gospel, such as the need to pray for vocations, and also for grace for those already ordained and consecrated to persevere in their mission to spread the Good News. It is not easy to preach the Gospel since there will be resistance and many obstacles along the way.

● Fr. Eric emphasized on the importance of the home as the foundation for evangelization. As children grow up it is difficult to persuade them to join in the family prayers, but the example of devout parents will set an example and motivate the children to join in. He also expressed his faith in the power of the Rosary, and how it can save us.

He went on to say that we should improve in family prayer. Many problems are solved through family prayers. God gives you the strength to solve all your problems if you sit down to pray to him. You listen to Him speaking. 

● Our SCC is a small church. So many blessings have been reaped from prayers of the group. 

These reflections led us to conclude that “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few”, would bethe theme for us to reflect on during the month. We decided to pray the Prayer of Junipero Serra throughout the month, which Alfee said he would post on the group. 

Father Eric invited us to join the Serra group, a group who work for vocations. They have a monthly meeting. The group focuses on going out to schools and colleges inviting boys and girls to join the vocations. He urged us to attend at least one mass a month (a week day) and dedicate it for the sustenance of vocations. He then went on to read a verse from the Bible related to today’s Gospel reading about “Discipleship going forth” - which spoke about peace which the world cannot give, only the Lord gives. There are difficult times ahead, especially in our country. He urged us to stand by our faith.

We sang a hymn “Called to walk in the way” followed by reciting a decade of the rosary.

Asunta read the last month’s minutes. 

We concluded with the hymn “Thank you Lord”

June Month’s activities – Follow-up

June being the month for Adoration the half hour Adoration session scheduled at St. Gerard’s Chapel for the 21st at 6.45pm to 7.15pm was completed. 

Activities for July’19 was decided

1. To visit the home of Jothi to pray for her recovery – A small team will go

2. Holy hour at St.Gerard’s Chapel – to fix for any week day at 7pm


● 8th July – James & Michelle

● 10th July – Edward Rodricks

● 20th July – Pradeep

● 21st July – Neha& Rosily


● 10th July - Ravi &Suganthi


The meeting concluded with a prayer and blessings by Fr. Eric.

Since 10th July would be Edward’s birthday we wished him in advance and Debbie treated us to a sumptuous high tea.

Our next meeting will be held at Priya and Xavier’s home on the 4th Aug’19.